Category: Technology


Capstone Industrial CHP

Challenge: Provide a way for Capstone distributors to easily explain how their CHP technology functions. Our Solution: Create a virtual film that shows how the Capstone CHP solution fits into a typical manufacturing facility and results in more reliable power with lower operating costs.


GE Waukesha Engines

Challenge: Showcase the unique features of GE’s Clean Burn Technology. Our Solution: Create a virtual film that clearly visualizes all of the economic and environmental benefits of the GE engines.


NOWA Technology

NOWA Technology has developed a waste to energy system that transforms municipal sludge into useful byproducts, including fly ash and bio fuel. We created a 3 minute technology video that shows the components of a typical facility, and the benefits the system offers. We also created an Interactive Plant Tour that allows viewers to explore the 100 MGD facility in a non linear manner.


GE Clean Cycle

The Clean Cycle 125kw system captures wasted heat and turns it into electricity that you can use or sell back to the grid. GE asked us to show how their system transforms the waste heat from a land fill equipped with a generator set into electricity.


Capstone World

Capstone works in more than 12 market sectors and needed a way to easily taylor their story to their audience and distribute their message across a wide range of platforms, including the web, mobile, and trade show kiosks.


Technology Overview

We have helped businesses like Sprint, Cerner, and a myriad of renewable energy companies communicate the benefits of their products.


Calnetix Generator

How do you show the benefits of a waste heat generator (and not totally confuse your audience)?